DIY Jomalig Island 2018

Let’s chase the waters together. Let’s hold hands and walk together. Let’s discover new places together and find serenity together. Hello Jomalig Island! The last time we went out to a water body was in March 2017. After a year of hectic schedules and always rush works, finally we were able to push through this... Continue Reading →


It must be something!

I used to love you more. I can say I didn’t stop caring about you. It is something I am not capable of. It is hard to do. If I use my head, you will be the last person I wanted to spend my time with. Don’t ask me why. I have a list of... Continue Reading →

Please Don’t

Don’t look at me because you might see the real me As much as possible I want to keep it to myself. Don’t stare at my face. Don’t pay attention to the details on how I present myself in front of the people. I look simple and plain and that’s it. Don’t expect me to... Continue Reading →

DIY Potipot Island

Fifth and it’s in Potipot Island! 2D/1N of just enjoying the beach is happiness. Travel Date: Oct 31 – Nov 1, 2016 Below is how we did our DIY trip.   October 30,2016 (Sunday)   ETD Pasay 2230 Victory Liner Pasay 09985915061 (airconditioned bus) (250 each) October 31, 2016 (Monday) ETA Olongapo 0200 Victory Liner Olongapo... Continue Reading →


They told me I’m a cactus. No one dared to come near me, frightened that I might hurt them. I have no idea where that myth came from. So I came up with this investigation to dig deeper. I didn’t expect that my discoveries would make me realize a thing about myself. It all started... Continue Reading →

Fourth in Tingloy 2015

To celebrate this year’s wedding anniversary, we headed to the South and wanted to visit Sombrero Island. We arrived early in Anilao Port, the place where we supposed to hire a boat to the island but the bangkeros advised us not to pursue the journey. It is because of “Habagat”. The wind was strong and... Continue Reading →

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