Please Don’t

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Don’t look at me because you might see the real me

As much as possible I want to keep it to myself.

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DIY Potipot Island

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Fifth and it’s in Potipot Island! 2D/1N of just enjoying the beach is happiness.


Travel Date: Oct 31 – Nov 1, 2016

Below is how we did our DIY trip.

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A Day in Sombrero Island

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See a sea to be happy,

To be renewed,

To outpower negativity,

To be inspired,

To be grateful,

To find love and peace

And to find your lost self.


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They told me I’m a cactus. No one dared to come near me, frightened that I might hurt them. I have no idea where that myth came from. So I came up with this investigation to dig deeper. I didn’t expect that my discoveries would make me realize a thing about myself.

It all started when I rejected my first suitor. He was just about to make an attempt but I slammed the door on his face. From then on, everyone who showed interest was never given the chance to actually show it. People thought I was building walls around myself to shut the world out.


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Like what I’ve said in my previous post, and yes, we were able to revisit Masasa Beach! This time it is a different Masasa from what we saw last year.IMG_20160207_145946

We went last February 7-8. The weather that time was not that good, it was not raining though.


The two of us always agree to do camping (kuripot din kasi). See the red tent inside the cave, that’s where we slept. Read the rest of this entry »

Fourth in Tingloy 2015

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To celebrate this year’s wedding anniversary, we headed to the South and wanted to visit Sombrero Island. We arrived early in Anilao Port, the place where we supposed to hire a boat to the island but the bangkeros advised us not to pursue the journey. It is because of “Habagat”. The wind was strong and that would be difficult for the boatman to bring us and fetch us. In his goodness, he advised us to go to Masasa Beach in Tingloy instead. So, that’s what we did. Another disappointment it was. It was not nice the time we visited the place– because of the same reason, Habagat.

So we ended up looking for a place to stay in for the whole night to enjoy our vacation and our celebration too.

Map of Batangas showing the location of Tingloy

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Until When Will I Love You?

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I love you and I am sure of loving you more and more

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